Feminist Rant

Feminism to me is when men or women fight for the same rights. Feminism to me means that men and women get and do the same things. In 2017 it was mentioned that women may have to sign up for the draft as well as men. That’s good! Men should not have to only suffer through the PTSD and the fear of being drafted in a state of emergency. Men should also be allowed in the birthing process, fathers used to not be allowed in the delivery room. Men and women should have the same opportunities as each other.

Only ten percent of the United States CEOs are women. TEN PERCENT. That’s two people out of every 20. Women only get paid a fraction of men in corporate jobs. Working in fast food or retail both genders get paid the same up until promotions start happening.


Halsey’s Women’s Poem


I’m sure you’ve seen the video of Halsey reading a poem about womanhood running around Facebook. My favorite line in the entire poem is:

You see, my best friend Sam was raped by a man that we knew ’cause he worked in the after-school program

And he held her down with her textbook beside her

Halsey explains in the very beginning of the poem her and her best friend Sam are 14. Sam and Halsey are sitting in a Planned Parenthood praying to God that Sam is not pregnant. Planned Parenthood is a right that women get to have because of the other things we have to go through. Without PP infant mortality rates would skyrocket, abandonment rates would skyrocket. PP may have saved some of the people in your life and you wouldn’t even know it. Halsey has high credibility in this because she wrote it herself and she’s a woman. If a man had read this poem it wouldn’t have the credibility rate that it does.

Word of the Year?


Merriam Webster’s word of the 2017 year was feminism. This piece from National Public Radio is done by Noel King, Rachel Martin, and Peter Sokolowski. King explains that in our day and age we can look up words that “confuse us” and make our lives easier, thus making the internets life easier. Have you ever typed a question into google and suggestions started popping up? That’s one of the many looked up things related to your topic.

Sokolowski states the 2017 word of the year is feminism. Martin relates the 2017 top word to the #MeToo movement and sexual harassment outbreaks. She imagines that most of the searching of the word feminism came around that time when women were questioning what their role in society is. Between Sokolowski and Martin a debate gets sparked about the Women’s March in January. Sokolowski mentions that many people didn’t classify this as an ACTUAL march, just women being loud and obnoxious.

That’s when he imagines the term feminism striked out society. Many a performer has come out to saying “I am not a feminist. Nor will I be one.” The example given is Kellyanne Conway. Sokolowski takes cultural influences we’ve had in the past couple years such as Wonder Woman, Saturday Night Live, and The Handmaid’s Tale and also relates those to the sudden interest in the word itself. He takes an example of  Saturday Night Live and them using the word “complicit” to describe President Trump’s wife, Ivanka. He states simply that if one doesn’t know a word they will look it up.

Why do I think feminism is the top word of 2017? Feminism is the top word of 2017 because women are no longer afraid. Women aren’t afraid to be there for each other and claim what they want. If a man pushes himself unto women they aren’t afraid to push back.

A man who we’ll call Demetrius pushed himself upon me. He wasn’t happy with me because I didn’t choose to be with him. I didn’t choose to be with him because I love another man who we’ll call Lysander.

Demetrius followed me around and tried to force his affection upon me. Never physically, verbally. He stalked through the woods to find me, which was sweet, but once he found me he got very close to me and no matter how much I protested he got closer.

Demetrius would not even take my anger as an answer. He pressed on and on even getting the same responses from me. Our conversation ended with a slap to his face and me running away. The fact that the conversation had to lead up to that is impeccable to me. The only way for him leave me alone is by physically assaulting him, no one wants that.

Feminism should be looked up and spoke about because it’s something that needs to be known. There is feminism and there is hate. Those subject will be touched on in later dates.